I have only 1 page of apps in my iPhone. All my daily apps are accessible via the only home screen.

iOS homescreen with only 1 page of apps

I don’t use too many apps every day. Here are my essential apps: phone, web browser, todo list, Commit and Drafts.

I do have folders. One folder is called “Page 2”. It’s the folder for all non-daily use apps.

I have 3 more folders. They are Apple’s apps which I can’t remove, information apps for reading time, and photography apps for occasionally photo editing. (Actually I do most of the photography work in camera+ which sits in my home screen. So the apps in the photography folder are there just in case I need alternative photo effects.)

Drafts app can send all my writings to appropriate app, such as Day One and Twitter. So I don’t need these apps to be on home screen. I write every day but I won’t read my diary so often.

Other than few folders and one-page home screen. I set another two rules.

  1. No any social networks allowed on home screen.
  2. Only one game allowed on home screen at any time.

Result of the one-page-only setup

All daily used app is now accessible with just one tap, at most two taps. All others apps are hidden and I open them via search.

This leads to a no clutter, minimal, focus, and high productivity day, every day.

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