I keep exploring different ways to write my next book. I’ve tried using Markdown, Markua, Pollen. They are all good at certain area, but none of them really fits my need on writing long technical book. Markua is the closest one, but the toolchain doesn’t work well for me.

Recently I came across AsciiDoc and it’s implementation AsciiDoctor. It looks promising and I’ll try to use it to write my next short book—CSS 3D Effects.

I follow the folder structure of Pro Git, 2nd Edition and create a starter for book writing with AsciiDoc. You may find the source in the following Github repo:


p.s. The flexbox.website web is written in Pollen. Here is the source. It’s ebook is written in Markua. Before that, I wrote HTML5 games development books in Word with Packt Publishing.

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